Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day 10 - Ketchikan -Misty Fjords PT. 1

June 3
Ketchikan - flying through The Misty Fjords

Mom grilling the pilot - - checking credentials etc..
Cousin Helene is making sure mom is ready to F L Y !!!

And we are off ! Our first Floatplane experience!

And the sites did not disappoint . It was clear in a few minutes just how spectacular a flight this was going to be. It felt as if we were floating through the Fjords....The pilot got us comfortable, told us to put on the headphone so we can here about the history of the place, he can point out interests and inbetween they played Enya - - it was SO PERFECT !!!!!!!!!

Take a look.


  1. one vista more beautiful then the next... so wonderful... crisp air.. alpine shots... gorgeous!