Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day 4 -Tundra Wilderness Tour -Pt. 2

may 28th - Denali

notice the road ( or the lack there of ) .. thats one of the things that makes Denali so magical.(.1 road about 60 miles long, a portion of it paved) only open a few months out of the year and not open for the general population - tour groups only..its a hikers paradise really. im thrilled i got to see and experience a part of it.

i should add that before we started the Tundra Tour, waking up about 4:30 am - mom says to me " if we survive this, we are going to The Bahamas afterwards" .. hahaha..few days in a row of waking up very early had us a bit nuts .. but we all agreed - SO WORTH IT.

yup - a bear!

love these guys.

sorry i didn't get picture of the most wonderful and enthusiastic tour guide ever, John Miller. - what a great day he gave us. Thank you John!!

So after our 6+ hour Wilderness Tour - i went rafting !!!!... it was thrilling and scary and so glad I did it .....didn't have a chance to bring the GoPro ( sigh ) - but had to buy this pic - great way to see the canyons and more wildlife and Tour Guide Pete was incredible!

we ended the day with some great Alaskan Beer and delish Pizza - outside, 70 degrees, 8pm at night, bright sun - another great day.


  1. yeah! a bear!!.. and the rafting pix is priceless! That looks like an incredible !! Stunning views.. and vista's! Did the goats walk sideways up the mountains?

  2. Love this post and you in the raft - awesome