Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 5 -Leaving Denali for Seward

May 29
Leaving Denali heading to Seward to start Cruising

just another reindeer!

We stopped at the Alaskan WWII Memorial..and of course Dad is always with us.

Lunch break .. guess where ? ...
WASILLA.....i swear we were n0t hunting Sarah...she wasn't home anyway.

Portage Glacier....can't get enough of the beauty

We made it to the ship....did you know that there is a mandatory life boat meeting ? - - kinda bizarro .. but i took note and was ready to relax!

we were looking forward to Dinner!

my appy..delish...i think i had salmon 2x a day!

another great day as we sail towards College Fjords


  1. oh fabulous... i love that you said "just another raindeer!!".... means that you were seeing soooo many!!!... awesome shots.. I agree the vast beauty is tremendous.. Love all the smiles, food, and shout out love to dad..

  2. love that you were able to enjoy nature cause you know I love my Nature - saying that with my southern accent!!! ha!!
    I have to post now cause I couldn't while I was in SC!! but I looked at your post everyday