Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day 9 - Juneau

June 2

another stellar day - started with breakfast on the pool deck ( yes there is lox on that plate, as i had lox EVERY MORNING . )

Had a little time to head into town.

and what you do you think Mom finds - - YARN!!!!!!!

then it was onto our Whale watching excursion ! - soooo much fun. One of the nice things about going on a smaller cruise ship is that we had the opportunity to run into our fellow passengers often. After a few days of travelling together it was exciting to all share in the moment when we spotted a whale and then that tail was visible!

enjoying the sites!

they are real! and i'll admit - cute!

so after spotting some whales the tour operators( who were excellent !) let us know that is rare that we would see a whale breach. they indicated that they maybe see it every 3-4 weeks...with that said - we saw whales breaching !!!


just incredible...another great day, great excursion, with amazing energentic tour operators. Not only were they thrilled to see the whales - but we really felt they were so excited for all of us..

On the way back to the boat we got a quick stop to view Mendenhall Glacier. I was just thrilled to finally take a picture on land!!

Back on the boat and getting ready for dinner .. and LOL posing for the camera!

And after dinner it was the Chocolate Extravaganza nite ! ...

i was getting used to this lifestyle rather quickly.


  1. i love my nature!!!! the seals are cute!!!
    I have totally enjoyed being on the trip via your photos!!

  2. I can not believe the beauty... and food... the chocolate tower-incredible..
    and of course the brilliant wild life.. seals, magnificent whales.. gorgeous reflections and lot's of smiles on your face!!