Sunday, June 19, 2011

Day 8 - Skagway / White Pass Railroad

June 1
Haines - ferry to Skagway

Heading to Skagway to board the beautifully restored White Pass Summit Railroad. We had such a beautiful 3 hour ride where the sites never ended and just kept getting more and more spectacular. We didn't find any gold - but what a great day we had!

The history of making this railroad happen in incredible. Take a look

Waiting on a plane.....

its just non - stop beauty

I loved that the landscape was so diverse through the mountains. Alaska is Magical!

Isn't this great!!!!

After a lovely day we headed into Skagway for a drink with some other folks looking for gold.

damn - can't get rid of her

heading back to Haines

there is our ship!

Back on board

We were treated to a very special show at night - the staff ( which is about 50% Indonesian and phillipino ) put on a traditional dance /singing show for us - great way to end yet another spectacular day


  1. Once again.. amazing scenes..

  2. came back for another look...! just incredible!

  3. ha! love the palin pic with your mom giving the thumbs down.

    looks like you guys had an amazing trip!!!